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Bear Hunts

Maine has one of largest bear populations in the eastern United States estimated at over 30,000 animals. Most of these bears are taken over bait, some are spot and stalk. I set up my bear hunters with a two bait per hunter ratio as to give the hunter options.

I have been baiting bears since I was 18 years old. I know the dos and don’t(s) because of years of experience. Today we have game cameras and know the caliber of bears coming in and also how many per site. I tell my hunters how to hunt each site to keep the hunter presence to a minimum. This is the secret to getting a trophy boar.

The average bear taken is around 175 but many of my hunters do much better than that. 200-250 lb bears are common, 250 – 350lb happen regularly, and 350-500lb happen most every season. Boone and Crockett bears have been taken by three of my hunters to date.

The price for this hunt is $1800 per hunter. Custom or all inclusive hunts are available – price on request.

I hope I can take you to the tagging station with a trophy Maine black bear.

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Cell Phone - 207-768-1549

Home Phone - 207-498-4029

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