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Coyote Hunts

This is a fun hunt. Coyotes are numerous and the action can be fast. Maine has a very generous season, as it is open year round. In the winter months a night permit fan be purchased for $4, so you can hunt 24-7. There is no bag limit so you can soot as many as you want. The two most successful methods are baiting with heated shacks and calling. I prefer a good accurate rifle. Shots can be up close and personal to a long range challenge.

I used coyote hunting to keep my shooting skills sharp year round. Coyotes are a very small target at a long range. The real bonus is you may be taking the pressure off the deer population. Prices are $200 per day per person; heated shacks are included.

Help out our deer population and get some fur to boot.

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Cell Phone - 207-768-1549

Home Phone - 207-498-4029

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