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Deer Hunts

The body sizes of Maine deer are some of the biggest in the United States and many have the rack to match it. A 3 ½ year old buck in this area almost always will dress out at the 200 pound mark.

The Maine Big Buck Club includes entered deer that weigh 200 or more pounds dressed. Last year there were 342 bucks entered in this category. The top ten listed usually range from 250-280 pounds. One year, one of the deer that I shot made the State top ten list, a real pig weighing in at 253 pounds. This is a difficult feat but there are bucks like this out there if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Some of my best bucks have come from the farm country areas.

The average shot in yards of all my bucks in Maine is 287 yards. A good shooting rifle and patience may get you the biggest buck of your life.

These hunts are price on request.

Happy Hunting!

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