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Moose Hunts

This is my favorite type of hunt. I have guided in zones 2, 3, and 6. I have guided 20 of the states auction tags and counting. I am always looking for bulls that are the cut above – mature bulls 4 ½ to 9 ½ years old that have exceptional racks. Most mature bulls weigh in at 850 to 950 pounds and a few come in over 1000 pounds dressed.

My track record on these types of moose is near 100%. Three of my lucky hunters have harvested racks of over 60 inches wide with the widest being 64 ¾. One bull scored 193 and 7/8 just missing the Boone and Crockett mark. Most of the bulls taken have 50” to 55” racks with great palms and points.

I also guide for cow hunts at a reduced rate. Hunting these animals are mostly by spot, stalk, and calling in the areas I have scouted in the preseason. I am always looking for the most moose sign and the biggest racks. 

The standard hunt for moose includes all transportation, trophy care, getting your moose to the tagging station, and transportation to the meat cutter. The fee is $2000 for two people or per tag. If you are interested in a hunt in zone 1 and 2 the fee is $2500. Custom or all inclusive hunts are available (price on request and depending on the zone hunted).

Hunts are only available by State permit. There are also gate fees in the North Maine Woods areas.

Good luck in the moose lottery!

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